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Jim Caviezel Says The Passion of the Christ Sequel Might Be the Biggest Film in World History

Actor Jim Caviezel says that the upcoming The Passion of the Christ sequel is "going to be the biggest film in world history."

China Censors Teachers from Mentioning God

According to a report from the Center for Studies on New Religion, Chinese authorities are monitoring teachers to make sure they refrain from mentioning anything about democracy, freedom, religion or God.

Students Gather around Flagpoles for 30th Annual See You At The Pole Event

Despite the pandemic, students still gathered in prayer around flagpoles across the globe to participate in the 30th annual See You At The Pole event.

D.C.'s Ban on Indoor and Outdoor Church Services Sparks Suit from Prominent Congregation

A ban on both indoor and outdoor church services in Washington, D.C. has sparked a lawsuit by one of the city's prominent congregations.


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